Friday, June 2, 2017

Spring Trip -- Day 4 -- Serpent Mound and HOME

Greetings from Ohio! We woke up in LaGrange, Kentucky this morning and made our way to the Serpent Mound in Adams County, Ohio. Check out these photos from the final day of our trip. 

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Walking the grounds 

(Most of) the serpent can be viewed from this observation tower. 

This is what it looks like from ground level. It's difficult to imagine people even realizing that this was in the shape of something without the benefit of a tall viewing platform. (Though I suppose the surrounding trees could serve that function.) 
Here it is from much, much higher. 
A model of the serpent being built. These people moved a lot of dirt to the top of this large hill. 

A burial mound. Mounds of various sizes and complexity can be found all over the Ohio River valley. There are mounds from a few different cultures and time periods located at the Serpent Mound site. Check out the Wikipedia article on the topic for an over view. 

Model of a small mound. 

This shows the original mound being expanded for further use over a period of time. 

This third model shows even more use over time.  

And... back to the bus. It's amazing how much bus riding they can handle. 

Serpent Mound is in very rural Ohio. At several points, the GPS just gave up. 

Thankfully, we eventually found food:

Home at last! This harrowing sight is the floor of the bus after everyone was picked up and whisked off to their homes. Animals. Of course, no spring trip would be complete without the traditional cleaning of the bus on the Monday following a trip. 

And now, hopefully, a weekend of rest for all! 

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