Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A quick reminder about other S-K blogs

The specialist teachers have blogs as well, be sure to check them out! Here are a few links: 

Monica maintains a Middle School Art blog. Check it out! 

Imogen has a blog for her classes. It can be found here. Here are some recent entries that are particularly relevant to the 5/6s: 
les vrais?

In addition to those, it can be really useful and interesting to check out the other classroom blogs. Find a list of links to those here

Finally, just to add some visual interest to this post, here are some maps made of my room and the middle school commons from a recent activity: 

A treasure trove of photos

Gathered around a new pal at Mary Beth Doyle.

We took a stroll down memory lane with the last fifteen minutes of the day yesterday, looking at a bunch of photos from the school year (so far). There's no rhyme or reason to these, and at least a few have probably already been posted, but we thought you might enjoy seeing them all regardless. Enjoy!