Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring Trip Day 3: The UP

We boarded the busses and headed out over the bridge for two stops in the UP. First was Whitefish Point to see the Shipwreck Museum and hear the tale of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. They said they might post some pictures taken at the Museum on their Facebook page today.
At Whitefish Point

Looking for boats through the fog.
Listening to Bev (the lighthouse guide) talk about the original
lenses used in the lighthouse. (She was quite a character.)

In the museum looking at artifacts.

Our lunch stop, "The Berry Patch" in Paradise, MI.
Good Pasties.

After Whitefish Point, we stopped for lunch at a well recommended local establishment for a quick lunch.

Our final stop of the day was Sault Ste. Marie for a guided boat tour of the Locks, dinner and mini-golf.

On the Locks Tour, looking at a Canadian Steel Manufacturing Plant.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spring Trip Day 2: Mackinac Island

All aboard!

It's been another exhausting day for us up here on the Straits of Mackinac. After last night's late arrival, we slept in a little and began with a lovely carb-rich breakfast at our hotel. We boarded the 10:00am ferry for the Island.

On the Island, we took a tour by horse drawn carriage. Our first stop was at the Butterfly House (where we warmed up from the rather cold day).
Preparing to fire the cannon.

Look at me! I'm on a HORSE!

After a few more stops, including Arch Rock, our tour ended at Fort Mackinaw. Then, somehow, I ended up on a horse. (Shan and I both took groups of kids riding. I've never been on a horse for more than five minutes before.)
We had dinner on the Island and then took the last ferry (7:00pm) back to the mainland. 

You can just see the Bridge in the right of this one.
  It's a little cold on the boat.

Our day ended with some time at the pool and lights out at 10:00pm. Tomorrow morning has us shipping off to Whitefish Point, the Shipwreck museum, and the Soo Locks.

Spring Trip Day 1

View off the balcony.

Day one of the trip was a lot of driving, sand, and raining (and sometimes driving rain). Shan took a lot of photos; right now I'm just posting a few that I had on my camera.

The hotel has worked out really well, there are two rooms with a hallway between them that has the bathroom off of it. The adult room has the standard door; the kids, much larger room, has a balcony looking out on Lake Michigan.

At Sleeping Bear

The Villager Pub in Charlevoix were great hosts
for 20 unannounced 5/6s

We found a great spot for dinner in Charlevoix (original plan was scrapped because of the weather). Ask the kids about "deep fried macaroni and cheese bites."

Today we're going to catch the 10:00am boat for Mackinac Island. The weather is supposed to hold out, though we might experience a little light rain--nothing like the storms from last night.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Guest Student Post: Projects, Projects and More Projects

This part of the blog post was written by Lindsay as part of her continuing study of Vivian Maier:

The last couple of weeks the 5th and 6th graders have been creating projects based on their M.O.O.T (Mars Out Of Time) characters. M.O.O.T is a website where 5/6s act as historical figures of their choosing and solve problems related to creating a Mars colony. They have been making paintings, stories, games, and more all week. Here is what some of the students have been creating.

Oliver S. (Andy Warhol) is painting a picture in the style of Andy Warhol in a Mars theme. The painting will be either of the rocky surface of Mars, or of a spaceship. Andy Warhol made the famous ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’ painting.

Evan (Gengis Khan) & Ben (Shigeru Miyamoto) are making a board game about Mars. The goal of the game is to conquer the Martians on the planet Mars. Genghis Khan was a warrior, and Shigeru Miyamoto was a video game designer.

Kit is portraying Georges Remi, also known as Hergé. Kit is drawing a comic in the style of Hergé. The comic is about a few kids who live in the Mars colony. But when disaster strikes, it’s up to them to make it right. Hergé is the writer and illustrator of the famous comics, called Tintin.


In addition to the MOOT projects that Lindsay wrote about, students are working one or more other projects as well including: video documentaries, book projects, and/or completing a story. [--Sam]

Olie S. Ducumntentary.jpg
Oliver S is working on his documentary and Olie is making a game for his book project.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Trials, Bias, Prejudice, Baltimore, and Polygons

Some social issues that we've been exploring in class recently have given some context for the recent events in Baltimore.