Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A treasure trove of photos

Gathered around a new pal at Mary Beth Doyle.

We took a stroll down memory lane with the last fifteen minutes of the day yesterday, looking at a bunch of photos from the school year (so far). There's no rhyme or reason to these, and at least a few have probably already been posted, but we thought you might enjoy seeing them all regardless. Enjoy!

Kalamazoo Air Zoo

Addressing the school about Festifools and Fool-Moon

Joanna talks about A Wizard of Earthsea 

North Campus field trip 

Cup stacking in PE

Gabe's adventurous hairstyles 

Grandfriends Day

Planning and building filters

Filter construction

Factor tag

University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

Magic Show!

Portrait by a student who would prefer to remain nameless

Maddy working with a familiar volunteer

Maddy performs, Emma assists

Class value poster by Eva

Book group presentation

David and Gabe present 

Kids working through a math problem in a variety of different ways

Examining slides

Iron, salt, and sand separation project

Sage advice from Oliver S. 

Celebrity visitors

More group presentations

Capes are very "in" this year. 

Thanking Jenny Hannibal for bringing a mountain of books to our school. 

Attempting to construct a device that will capture oxygen from a photosynthesizing plant. It was trickier than we anticipated. 

Living the art in Toledo. 

Toledo Museum of Art 

Field trip to the Festifools workshop

Gabe and Ariana recording data 

Middle school snow tubing trip 

Festifools workshop

Owen pointing out a dubious claim during a North Campus field trip

Niko and Owen (and Oliver S just out of frame) performing 'Space Oddity' at the Music Cafe 

Nick addressing the faculty at a staff meeting. Mrs. Carpenter's look of disgust or disdain shows that he's really making an impression. 

North Campus field trip, this time to meet with a design team. 

North Campus field trip to see glass blowing at the Chemical Engineering building. 

Middle School trip to the Festifools workshop 

Gabe and Oli trying to work a balance. Owen mugs. 

Character Day. (Gabe is a guy from the show Psych, Luke is the Cat in the Hat.)

Character Day 

Gaga game at Howell Nature Center

Quiet reading time

Marcellin and Gabe in a friendly game

Making watershed models and simulating rainfall and runoff 

Making and measuring craters

Oli prepares for the high ropes course at Howell Nature Center 



Jenny and Eva

Class values

Emma and an owl talon 

Working hard

Violet visits Emma and Eva in aftercare

Sunny day at Mary Beth Doyle

Magic show rehearsal

Air Zoo

Nick magically pulls something from Niko's ear

Taking a water sample in Mallett's Creek

Danger at the UM Museum of Natural History

Dino leg (fifth graders added for scale)

Stream table workshop at UofM

Middle School soccer game with Friends School 

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