Thursday, June 15, 2017

Scenes from the last couple of days of the year

Field day game: The class had to unscramble a phrase that was related to our school year. They got it! 

Final assembly of all of our biome games! We put a lot of work into these this year, and they have turned out great. Play a few rounds at your next family gathering! 

The 'Into the European Alps' group holds up their finished product. 

The 'Into the Andean Alps' group holds up their (almost) finished product. (Special note to the Andes crew: YOUR CARDS ARRIVED AT SCHOOL. YOU'LL HAVE THEM SOON!)


Scenes from our final half hour together. Someone half-jokingly suggested a bracketed arm wrestling tournament. We took them seriously and went for it. Jules came out the champion. 

After the arm wrestling, we did a thumb wrestling bracket. (It was meant to be lower intensity, but this is the event that got someone elbowed in head.)

Ella versus Evie. 

This (or variations on this) has appeared on our boards nearly every day this year.

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