Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Math: Budgeting

In middle school Math today, students formed family units and received paychecks. Their task: create a family budget based on a list of nonnegotiable costs (house payments, car insurance, food, etc) and potential wants that the family might have (cell phones, entertainment expenses, clothing). After creating workable budgets based on their shared resources, they were thrown some of life's curveballs: How does your budget change if one of your family members loses their job? What if a baby comes along? 

Ask your child how their family did today!

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  1. Love this, Jason. A nonprofit I worked with did a similar experience with adults at a fundraiser using cases from an agency we partnered with. When life gets complicated, it's difficult for most people to understand how they would juggle. What an amazing experience for the kids. Thank you!