Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Drawing from life

I tend to post a lot of photos from our Art classes for a couple of reasons:

1. Since I don't teach Art, I'm free to remember to pause to take photos while exciting things are happening (I often forget to do so when I'm leading the class). 

2. The kids are really doing remarkable work, and it's been really exciting to see them growing in their work this year. I get a little caught up in it! Some of it wouldn't be out of place in a college level art class. 

Going through some photos recently, I realized that I never posted some from a particularly active and productive session. The kids took turns holding poses for each other for just long enough for everyone to get a quick sketch down on paper. It was an exercise designed to, among other things, get them to loosen up in their drawing, forcing them to make quick, low-stakes decisions as they cranked out work. The results were really impressive! 

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