Friday, May 12, 2017

Week 32 -- Reflections and running

We began the week with a warm-up created by Evie, which tasked kids to design an umbrella, then write about a day in its life. One story has the umbrella married to a broom, who has been put out of work by the fancy new vacuum. A few had the umbrellas lamenting the amount of time they spend whiling away their days unused and hanging on hooks. At least a couple incorporated Seattle. We also spent some time listening to an assortment of each other’s work as I read it aloud from their files. We do a wide variety of writing in our class, and I often collect it and hold onto it for long periods of time. Then, I occasionally read samples of work anonymously. The class generally loves hearing each other’s work, trying to guess who wrote what, and delighting in hearing work with fresh ears. It also gives them a periodic reminder of just how much they’ve produced this year, and how good much of it is.
Some of the cards from Into the Great Barrier Reef

Because we’re so deep into the school year, some aspect of these weekly summaries will frequently be different versions of this: We also continued work on our ongoing projects. This week, we had two more milestones in our biome game groups. One group figured out an efficient and good looking way to correct the mistakes in their game decks, and they’re well on their way to the finish line. We were also very excited to officially place the order for the Into the Siberian Taiga group! We’ll likely receive them in the next week or so.

Two other big events kept everyone occupied this week. Reflections Night preparation always dominates the week of a performance, and everyone seemed to have a great time at the event. We capped the week off with the long-postponed Fun Run around the building, followed by the more intense S-K 5K.

In math group, we’re trying to finish the year with strong showings in our Singapore work, so we’ve been focusing a lot of time in class making progress. We also had one of our beloved game days this week to break up the routine.

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