Friday, September 16, 2016

Week Two -- Monarchs and the adventure park

This week, we continued a project set in motion by last year’s class. Last spring, we began construction of a milkweed garden, hoping to attract the increasingly endangered monarch butterfly to our school. Our work is is paying off, and we have found several monarch caterpillars among the milkweed. With Lisa’s guidance, we have taken them indoors, where we’ve been taking measurements, making observations, tending to their needs, and doing all that we can to increase their likelihood of survival.

We also began using our writing journals (first prompt: “Why do people write?”), learned more about the Yanomami, played some board games, and spent all of Thursday climbing, balancing, and zip lining through the Adventure Park at West Bloomfield.

(Click through for photos)

Tagging and releasing a monarch! 

Tracking the monarch through the sky

Mark puts a lot of faith in the harness. 

In math group, we spent some time discussing what we liked and disliked about math, establishing that there’s more to mathematics than just arithmetic. We also began individual work in our Singapore books.

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