Monday, June 9, 2014

Spring Trip 2014: Matthew recounts the Hornblower boat tour

Note the rainbow on the left! 

Of the many spectacular things we did on our class trip to Niagara falls and back, the boat trip directly up to the falls might have been the most amazing.
After quite a while of walking, we had finally gotten from the horseshoe falls to the boat launch. We walked down the ramp to where we got our red ponchos.

We got on the boat, and it started off toward the American falls. It was massive.  “I’ve been there before, so it wasn’t as impressive” said Marcellin when I asked him about the falls.
After a short pause at the falls, we went on. There was still some ice leftover from the winter! 
That cell phone is in tremendous danger. 

View of the American Falls as we headed toward the Horseshoe Falls

Then, we went into the horseshoe falls. Almost immediately, we were blasted by the wind and water of Niagara. After that, it got calmer, but there was mist everywhere. We didn’t see anything quite like it the rest of the trip. It was all amazing, but this was the most inspiring. 

“It was wet” is  the best Lee could come up with when I asked him later. After that, the boat turned around and headed back. When we were back at the dock, I saw both Nik and Evan in shredded ponchos. They both repeatedly yelled “These are cheap!”.

The boat was called the Hornblower.

Written by Matthew Osterholzer, 6th grade, Summers-Knoll

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