Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ford River Rouge Plant tour

We visited the Henry Ford River Rouge Plant last Friday, the highlight of which was touring the factory where the Ford F-150 is assembled. 

Photography was strictly forbidden, which is a shame. I would have loved to have taken a few pictures of the awestruck faces watching as partially-assembled trucks sailed above, below, and around us in a carefully choreographed ballet. It was hypnotic.  

Someone else in the world broke the no-photography rule, so here's a glimpse of what we saw:

We also visited the observation deck, where you can see the rest of the plant sprawling out before you, crowned with one of the world's largest living roofs.

(We weren't quite this high up.) 

Back at school, we showed a couple of classic clips that were relevant to what we had seen:

I Love Lucy: 

Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times:

You may or may not be surprised to hear that the comedy holds up!

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