Tuesday, March 4, 2014

STEM: Flow in cities and our bodies

As part of our Cities theme, we've talked a lot about the concept of flow. Electricity, water, traffic, people, resources, internet bandwidth, and phone lines are just a few of the many types of flow that are vital to a city's operation. One gauge of a city's health is how efficiently these systems operate. 

In Math today, the blue group (and our visiting fourth grade guests) took this concept and applied it to our bodies, measuring our pulse rate after sitting at rest, then again after doing twenty jumping jacks, and then a third time after quietly stretching out on the floor with our eyes closed for a few minutes. When we saw the changes in the rates after each activity, we talked about the reasons behind them: Why does your heart rate go up during physical exertion? What's happening in your body, and why? 

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