Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday County Farm Project time

Last Friday, we spent most of the afternoon in County Farm Park collecting data for our projects. Jules, one of our advisors from the University of Michigan joined us to help out. 

In the field, exploring Fox Prairie. 

Jules, talking with Emma and Margaret. 
Grayson, examining a stone in Britton Woods. What can this rock tell us about glacial activity in Southeast Michigan?
Lee, pictured with what might be evidence of deer chewing on bark. Matthew and I saw a large buck strolling through the woods about twenty minutes later.  
The deer are elusive and difficult to photograph, but these guys are plentiful, scurrying about and preparing for Winter. 

Keira, documenting the edible -and poisonous- berries of County Farm Park. Kaeli continues her tree census behind her. 

Back at school, one of the walls in the Middle School Commons is slowly being covered with detailed satellite images, gridded out into specific sections for standardized data collection. Also visible here, an ariel photograph of the park from 1960, at which point most of the park is clearly cultivated farmland. 

We'll continue to visit the park to gather data for our projects in the weeks ahead, and some students will be collecting data throughout the school year as sustained projects. 

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